Safety & Security

Be safe!

  • First, we all have a responsibility to be vigilant of our surroundings and follow the rules.
  • Please use only the sidewalks to get to the entrance to OCC.
  • Do not take short cuts or walk through the parking lot.


  • If you see something, say something. If there is something suspicious, say something to anyone on the safety and security team or any of JAINA board members.

Medical Emergency

  • If it is non-life threatening, need first aid, go to the First Aid room on the first floor.
  • If there is a life threatening emergency, please notify a security guard or safety team member to get help.
  • The security team and chair will call 911.
  • The OCC security will escort the EMTs to the location.


  • Drop, cover your head, and hold.
  • We will follow OCC security guards to an assembly area when they say so.
  • No one should run out of the room or use cell phones.
  • Leave it to the professionals to find your family members and loved ones.


  • We will follow OCC protocol for fire.
  • Evacuate the building led by OCC security team.
  • Please follow directions given at that time.


  • Safety & Security Team Member In Orange Vest.
  • Contact OCC Security Team Members.
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