General Questions

Yes, all volunteers must register and pay registration fees for the convention.

$149 Price is a per person for adults during the early bird registration period only. After that there will be an incremental price increases.

There is no family registration discount. We have an early bird registration discount for first 500 registrants.

There is no special discount for Senior Citizens.

Yes, all attendees regardless of age must be registered. All attendees ages 6 and above must pay the registration fees along with their registration.

Yes, all attendees regardless of age must be registered, but there is no charge for children 5 years and under.

No, you must register for the whole convention – all four days (July 4th – 7th).

Kids between the ages 6 and 17.

Yes, the Convention is open to everyone who wants to further their knowledge of Jainism.

Early Bird registration is available online for the first 500 registrants. You may only qualify for the early bird registration based on the number of registrants. Once the first 500 early bird registrants have registered you will be able to register based on price structure timeline.

To register go to http://projects.arhamtechs.com:8089/jainaconvention/ and click on Registration.

Please refer to Registration Fee structure on the registration form for information. http://projects.arhamtechs.com:8089/jainaconvention/registration-information/

ou may register online until June 20, 2017 and then on site depending on availability. Please note that registration cost increases as we get closer to convention. Please refer to the Registration Fee structure on the registration form for detail costs and deadlines. http://projects.arhamtechs.com:8089/jainaconvention/registration-information/

Registration is available only online or on-site based on availability. Please email to registration@jaina.org with full details to support you.

Cancellations can be made through your registration portal. Please review cancellation FAQ page for more questions regarding the cancellation process. http://projects.arhamtechs.com:8089/jainaconvention/cancellation/

On the registration form, there is a line where you can enter the amount you want to donate. Alternatively, please email us at conventionfundraising@jaina.org and we can give you additional details on how you can contribute. For any donation amount greater than $1000 please contact conventionfundraising@jaina.org.

Please email daytime@jaina.org and provide us your information.

The convention center will open at 10.00am on Thursday, July 4th, and the convention program will end at 1.00pm on Sunday, July 7th.  Attendees are free to come and go from the convention center at any time.

To cancel or modify your registration please login to the convention website and click on ‘My Account→ Dashboard’ on Menu line . Then click on “Refund” to cancel your registration, or click on the pencil to edit your member profile.


We are working on sight seeing packages which would be extra cost depending on the type of packages you choose. We are working on various packages with s travel agency . We will let everyone know once those packagest are ready.

Yes, We have procured additional parking too.

We will be providing transportation to/from Ontario Airport (ONT). JAINA WILL NOT be providing transportation from LAX or John Wayne Airport (SNA).

All the JAINA recommended hotels are walking distance from the convention center. Transportation will be provided to/from all JAINA recommended hotels will be reserved for the elderly.


Breakfast- Lunch and Dinner is included in the Registration fees.

Yes, only Jain food will be served. There is an option for Jain Vegan food too.

We will have vegan meals available for those who have requested vegan meals at the time of registration.  If you have other dietary requests, please email food@jaina.org.

Breakfast is from 7 to 9am, Lunch is from 12 to 2pm and Dinner is from 6.00pm – 7.30pm. Snacks will also be served from 3:30 to 4:30pm and 11pm to 12:30am. All meals are for registrants only.

Yes. Please edit your response in your member profiles and if you have any additional questions please email food@jaina.org.

Facilities & Hotel

Yes, it is handicap accessible.

Hotel information is available under the “About → Hotel Details” page on the website.

The registration cost only covers the attendance to the Convention and does not cover Hotel costs. You will have to book the Hotel separately.


Some programs are applicable for all age groups. Some programs are catered to certain age groups. Please check the “Program Overview” at http://projects.arhamtechs.com:8089/jainaconvention/ for detailed programming for all age groups

Restaurant Reservations plugin required.