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Five elements – Seva, Satsangh, Samarpan, Sadhana and Self-Realization – depicted in the convention logo represent the steps in a path of progression of a spiritual journey towards achieving moksh, the final liberation.

Seva means selfless service performed to help others with no expectation of a reward or a personal gain. This is the first and an easy step of our spiritual journey. Performing Seva helps to diminish one’s ego by wanting to help others and is spiritually uplifting. Seva is an outcome of a positive attitude and an affirmative commitment – Yes, this is possible; Yes, I can help; and Yes, I will do this.

Satsang is made up of two words – Sat (truth) + Sang (association). It defines an activity of a gathering of like-minded people that involves listening to a Pravachan or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning with guidance of a Sadguru, the spiritual master. Satsang means “to be in the company of true or righteous people”, and to remain associated with the inner quality of sat or purity or soul. Satsang is a spiritually uplifting activity that generates powerful, cleansing, inspiring and purifying thought vibrations.

Samarpan is the internal transformation or dedication brought about by the teaching and guidance of the Guru. Such teachings strengthen our faith and belief in the Guru, scriptures (Bhagvan ni Vani), and Dharma. A firm resolve to surrender the ego and to act and behave as per the Guru’s guidance (aagna) is Samarpan. The rituals – Prayers, Darshan, Bhakti and Puja – performed with full faith and understanding, help to express and strengthen our devotion to Bhagwan, and elevate our spiritual experience.

Sadhana is a disciplined and focused practice of learning and performing by a sadhak who aims to get purified and make progress towards Self-Realization or Samyak Darshan. Externally focused Sadhana activities – Darshan, Puja and Bhakti – are performed to express our devotion to Bhagavan. Spiritual activities – Samayik, Pratikraman and Dhyan – help to focus on the self and are practiced to achieve power over the ego.

Self-Realization or Samyak Darshan means peeling away the layers of the ego to understand the true self and hence the true nature of reality. Self-Realization clarifies the foundational question, “Who am I?” The answer lies in the understanding that you are not the body, mind, thoughts, and emotions. These are all things you experience as a ‘self’ or ‘soul’, but they are not you. Self-Realization awakens us to realize what we already are – the peaceful, powerful, eternal soul. Samyak Darshan with Samyak Gyän (Right Knowledge) and Samyak Chäritra (Right Conduct) leads us to final liberation.

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