About Convention

Every two years JAINA and a local Sangh host a biennial JAINA convention with over 4000 guests from not only across the nation but across the world. This year JAINA will be hosting its 20th biennial convention in Ontario, California, just outside of Los Angeles. The theme for this convention is Jain Religion in the 21st Century. We hope that each attendee will be able to use Jain principles in today’s volatile society to promote values of ahimsa, anekantavada, and aparigraha in order to have a positive impact in their communities. In addition to sessions on Jain Philosophy and Jain Virtues, we will offer sessions on Devotion, Compassion, Transformation of Our Lives, Current Events in Jain Communities and Current World Challenges and the Role of Jainism to create well-rounded experiences for our attendees. We will also be incorporating similar themes to the programming for our youth.


Contact Us

  • 2000 E. Convention Center Way Ontario, CA 91764

  • +1 862 955 5783

  • support@jaina.org

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